Mens Vodka & Pilates T-Shirt

$ 29.00

Don't get us wrong, we love our Whiskey & Yoga. But every now and then, we need a change of pace. So to mix things up, we do a little Vodka & Pilates.

Now, we know what you're thinking. Vodka & Pilates? That sounds amazing." Yes, it is. There's nothing like a stiff martini to loosen us up for some kneeling side kicks and dynamic core planks. Or a Moscow Mule to awaken our spirits for some spine twists and swan dives.

We're not saying Vodka & Pilates is the secret to how we got this fabulous body. But we're not not saying it either.

    • Cotton/Polyester Blend
    • Tagless Neck 
    • Soft Hand Inks

Please note: This poly/cotton blend will shrink about 10% in a hot dryer.

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