Vintage Midcentury Kidskin Leather Wrist Gloves

$ 39.00

The Gloves are vintage late 50s early 60s and in EXCELLENT condition. They are in ivory white leather. Scalloped edging at the wrist and they are wrest length. They are labeled 6 1/2. 

They are pliable, butter soft and will mold to your hand. They have been worn. They are not lined.

Kidskin gloves are difficult to put on, bunch them up then wiggle them on carefully. Be careful not to pull too hard on the ends to avoid tearing the leather. Do not wear any rings. they may snag the leather. Be patient. Once you have them on they will mold to your hands and be easier to put on the next time.
Stamped inside of glove - Miss Aris - Size 6 1/2 - Made in Philipines
LEATHER GLOVES: wash on hands with warm water and mild suds. Rinse in clear water. Do not squeeze or wring. Final rinse should have a drop of soap or glycerin to restore some of the natural fat to the leather.
Remove gloves, blot on a towel and dry away from heat. For best results, dry on glove frame. When nearly dry, shape on hands. When dry, stretch or knead firmly in length and width several times to soften the leather.
They may be dry cleaned.

Stored in plastic in a non-smoking home they have only a slight scent of leather.

Note:  From time to time we sell vintage or antique items.  Your understanding of the condition and imperfections of these types of items is appreciated. We do our best to point out any flaws or evidence of wear an item may have. Many times, that evidence of wear is the deciding factor in the authenticity of an item and therefore, we sell items in their original condition, leaving any alterations to the new owner.

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