My MAN Rocks Contest ! November 17 2014

The WINNER of the My Man Rocks Contest is ... Jamie Lynn Corp!!! By a Landslide in Likes! Congratulations Lovely Jamie! Your Man certainly rocked and everyone agreed!


Jamie Lynn Corp

♥My husband Pete is truly amazing. He has fully supported my decision to have weight loss surgery so I could lose a much needed 100+ lbs and then supported my dream of being a pin up whole heartedly. He encourages me at every turn and keeps me going. He has a generous heart and will sacrifice things he wants to make sure myself and the kids are first. This man continues to surprise me with support from driving 5 hours so I can compete in a contest to following me around and being my personal photographer. It is his turn to take the spot light. His turn to be shown he’s appreciated. It is his turn to win the prize and go shopping.

Runners Up

Josie Bunnie

I'm a very lucky girl to be with such an amazing man! He is a hard working man and a dedicated father who adores his son more than anything in the world. He is thoughtful, caring, compassionate and loving beyond words. He does whatever he can to not only make me happy and put a smile on my face, but for his friends, family and passing strangers. He loves me just the way I am and doesn't want me to change, for the first time in my life I truly feel unconditional love. Doesn't matter what I say/do or what I look like, he is constantly telling me how beautiful I am both inside and out and makes me feel special and loved. He is a HUGE fan and support of the SD burlesque community and has taken care of the girls' safety at shows and Temptress Fashion events. He is fun, silly, outgoing, and we can both be completely goofy together. No matter what we are doing we have the best time together, he's the kind of guy who makes you feel better just by being in his presence. He is open, honest, trust worthy, grounded and non-judgmental. He enjoys the simplicity of just being alive and always shows gratitude for this world and the love he has to give. I trust my heart and soul in his hands and know he will always support me and stand by my side no matter what. MY MAN ROCKS!

Trina Miller

Not really sure when our friendship turned into something more so he decided to celebrate our anniversary on the 4th of July so he could always give me fireworks. He is strong enough to let me be independent, yet soft enough to hold me when I fall. He gently guides me when I get off track, and lets me have those moments of weakness but does not let me wallow in self-pity. He has built our relationship on trust. He brings out the best in me and inspires me to be more than I ever thought I could be. He introduced me to OB. He taught me that actions speak louder than words ever could. He kisses me goodbye and grabs by bum. He makes me feel sassy and classy at the same time. He makes me mix CD’s we are up to 18 now. He gave me a heart shaped compass in case I get lost. He tells me I am pretty in my pj’s with my hair all a mess. He knows I am stubborn and won’t give up but that sometimes I just change my mind. He is the best doggy daddy a dog could ask for. He never asks how much I spend on hairspray. He makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. Dances with me in the living room, holds my hand when we walk down the street. These are just a few of the reasons why my man rocks